Best Mediterranean Food Restaurants In Napa, California


Napa, California, is one of the best tourist destinations. It has very many amazing things to keep your holiday a memorable one. The place has a variety of hotels that suits everyone’s needs and preferences. Read through this article to understand the best Mediterranean food restaurants in Napa, California.

1. Tarla Mediterranean bar and grill


This is one of the best hotels in Napa; you will find an excellently prepared cuisine in a cozy atmosphere and good and friendly staffs who will welcome you and assist you in the best possible way. The hotel offers good wine options and great foods like Lemon and Vine lamb Burger and chicken.

2. Aroma Indian cuisine

Aroma Indian cuisine is another great hotel in Napa. It has a pretty good atmosphere with good and social staff who offers better service to their clients. They are very accommodating as they customize their spices to suit the needs of everyone.

3. Frida’s Mexican Grill

This hotel has an organic menu that is impressive. It has a well-established sports bar where you can rest with your friends and cool your nerves. They have delicious foods that are served within the shortest possible time.

4. Juju’s Mediterranean kitchen


This is a beautiful hotel that you will have to finds at the heart of Napa. Foods are excellently prepared; it has a cozy atmosphere that makes you relax as you enjoy your stay at Napa. They also have friendly staffs that will warmly welcome you to the hotel and make you feel relaxed. Lamb Burger is prepared nicely together with kalklava deserts.

5. Small wood restaurant

The small wood restaurant has a lot of great things that will leave you amazed. It has better packing area; drinks are self serve. The hotel also has the best menu that will leave you with a lot of options to consider.