Best Places To Try Balkan Cuisine In Miami


Miami is known for the white sand beaches, hot bodies, and delicious dining destinations. If you are traveling to Miami and are in the mood to eat a tasty meal, then you should try Balkan cuisine. There is nothing subtle about these delicious dishes.

Balkan cuisine is made using many spices but in small quantity. Most of the dishes are light because they are cooked in a lot of water.

The flavor pops with bursts of typical ingredients such as garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and more. Although you will find most of the Cuban restaurants throughout Miami, here are the best places to consider getting a true appreciation of tasty Balkan cuisine.

Lime Tree Lounge


The lime tree is a great place for an individual that wants to try out good Balkan food. It’s a cool and tranquil patio outside, and the food is of high quality with a very reasonable price. The atmosphere is superb, and you can relax comfortably while enjoying Balkan cuisine in a tranquil environment. Customers’ satisfaction is highly considered and so will expect quick and kind service form its staff.

Rakija Grill

Rakija grill restaurant offers some of the most delicious Balkan dishes in South Beach region. Its great effort to deliver exceptional services to customers has been geared by hospitality and quality of the food.

The recipes are infused with a variety of flavor, making it the best. The new restaurant branch located in Downtown Miami represents the testy item on the menu. The old warm and relaxing environment is quite conducive, and everybody loves it.

Balkanes Okee’s Grill

This is another great balkan cuisine restaurant in Miami to choose as your dining destination. Staffs are passionate about their work and put their food, presentation, and customer service priority in service delivery. If you’re looking for a cool place to take your family or friend to have fun enjoy the cuisine, then Balkanes Okee’s grill is the perfect place for you.



There is no doubt that if you are coming to Miami Fl. to visit, you are going to discover some of the most delicious Balkan cuisines around. The mouthwatering and satisfying meals are sure to become your favorite.