Does Aloe Actually Work


Aloe Vera is a tropical, medicinal herb that has been used for decades. Its effectiveness in soothing burns and treating skin conditions has seen it being referred to as the ‘burn plant’. This herb is said to have been used to treat everything from eczema, sunburns to acne. But is it really effective? Some studies have found that aloe helps and some that it does not affect. Here is a look at whether aloe actually work.

Active aloe Chemicals

In test-tube research, aloe has active chemical elements that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These elements help in healing and improving skin conditions by improving collagen formation, protecting and keeping the wound moist and improving blood flow to damaged areas.

Aloe Vera

Acemannan hydrogel is one of the patented aloe ingredients used in drugs. The FDA has approved the ingredient as a topical product for use on wounds and irritations. aloe vera supplemets contain aloe though some contain chemicals that have questionable usefulness.

How Effective Is Aloe?

There is little research to show that the clear gel filling the aloe Vera plant leaves are useful in the process of sunburn healing. However, a few peer journals show evidence that aloe Vera is beneficial in healing first- and second-degree sunburns, soothing wounds and preventing inflammations.

Aloe vera

Recently, an aloe component known as aloin has been discovered to have anti-inflammatory benefits. More so, aloe Vera helps in moisturizing the skin and prevent peeling in cases of sunburns. However, you should not attempt to treat third and fourth-degree burns with aloe before consulting a doctor.


According to our review, aloe actually works in improving our health conditions. It is essential to know that aloe has more than three hundred species with different chemical compositions, therefore possibly varying effects. Take your time to research on the active components of Aloe Vera that works out for you!