How To Price Food In Your Restaurant

How To Price Food In Your Restaurant

It is important that you get to know of how much the food that you are selling cost you, this will allow you to figure out the amount of profit you should make or you are making, now this is where you need to bring in the cost of goods sold. Being aware of your COGS will keep you away from some potential problems and enable your staff to be extra mindful of wasting things around the hotel.

To ensure that this happens daily, you will need to ensure that your stockroom is organized; the necessary inventory worksheets are distributed as well as scheduling inventory count on a weekly basis.

Food cost percentage

Food cost percentageThis is basically the percentage of sales that one spends on food, it is important that you set a reasonable target food cost, this will help you in controlling the costs of food as well as the profits generated from all categories of food items. It should be noted that food cost does not involve labor and the other operational cost in the restaurant.

Use the bundle method, this will benefit both you and your customers, this is basically taking complementary items and combining them to come up with a bundle of items that when put together can cost a lesser amount of money than if purchased individually. With this, you will be able to achieve more sales and your customer is also able to get a slight discount although they are spending much.

Remember that you can also do this by placing the price at the very end of the description, it is important to note that when pricing, you should ensure that the title of that dish and its description should come first then the price is placed near that description.

you can check on food that has high demand, this simply means that many people are in need of this item, this can, therefore, give you that opportunity makes their prices higher than other commodities with low demand.

Pricing can also be established by ensuring that you maintain the sizes of your food potions, they should always be the same, this can only be achieved by may be creating a manual for your kitchen staff hence you are sure to achieve accuracy.