Keto Diet Explained

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The keto diet is a well-known high-fat, low- carbohydrate diet, which in general is used to treat seizure disorders in children. However, the keto diet also has many benefits for a wide variety of people who follow it. The keto diet causes your body to use fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. Your body will use ketone bodies for fuel. Therefore, ketones are produced and stored as a reserve for energy when carbohydrates are not available.

May help reduce weight

As most doctors agree, diet is the key to weight loss. In fact, when you have poor dietary habits, the rate of your metabolism slows down. This makes it difficult for your body to metabolize fats. As a result, your body continues to store fat. The result is weight gain over time. The keto diet can help you reduce your risk of gaining excessive weight.

May help with epilepsy

The keto diet is especially helpful for epilepsy patients because it has been shown to reduce seizures. The keto diet, therefore, has been recommended by many health practitioners who believe that a reduced intake of carbohydrates can be effective in controlling epilepsy. The keto diet can be effective in controlling epilepsy, even if it does not totally cure your epilepsy. However, since epilepsy is a long-term condition, the keto diet has helped patients to control their seizures.

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Use healthy alternatives

The keto diet requires a little creativity when it comes to the types of food you eat. By cutting out all the refined grains, processed sugars, and white flour, you will need to substitute them with healthy alternatives. In this way, the amount of fat and carbs consumed will be smaller. While eating smaller amounts of fat and carbs will make it easier for your body to digest, eating too many carbs and fats can lead to unpleasant weight gain.

As an alternative to most foods that are higher in fat, many people turn to natural fat-free lipids. These can be found in many health and nutrition stores. When eating on the keto diet, be sure to always replace oil, butter, and mayonnaise with healthy alternatives. There are many people who have very good success with using olive oil, coconut oil, and flaxseed oil instead of butter.

In addition to using healthier oils, some people have found great success using a tablespoon of mustard in their mashed potatoes. The mustard not only replaces fat in your potato, it also adds a lot of nutritional benefit without adding any fat. For those who have had a history of seizures or convulsions while fasting, it is believed that taking a teaspoonful of black mustard can help them relax and reduce the possibility of a seizure. By eliminating seizure triggers, this method of dieting for epilepsy could have a very positive effect.

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Eat more protein

Since most of the foods on the keto diet are higher in fat than other foods, you will need to eat more foods high in protein. You can get protein from various sources including eggs, cheese, chicken, fish, beef, and beans. Meat products such as bacon, lunch meats, and sausage are also high in protein. To get the full benefits of the ketogenic diet, it is important to eat these foods in their most natural form.

The final tip for the keto diet

For those who are interested in a very safe way to lose weight and stay in excellent physical condition, the keto diet might be an option that is worth exploring further. Before starting any new diet plan, be sure to consult your doctor and ask him/her which diet regimen would be the safest one for you. Even with the assistance of a dietitian, some individuals can experience side effects from ketogenic diets. By following a physician’s advice, you will be able to stay within your desired weight and lead a more comfortable lifestyle.