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7 Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Every Day

Looking for some healthy lunch ideas that are both quick and easy to make? A quick to prepare snack or meal that can be eaten right on the spot is the best choice for a quick nutritious meal. …

party food appetizers

Best Party Food Ideas

One of the most important factors in planning a successful party is the menu. With all of the parties and gatherings, you will attend over the next few weeks, it’s important to have everything planned out well in …

canned food

What Food is Shelf-Stable

Shelf-stable food is pre-packaged food of some sort that can safely be stored in a cool sealed container. This includes food that would otherwise be stored at ambient or room temperature for appreciably long shelf life, but which …

organic food

What Is Organic Food?

Organic food is better for you in a variety of ways. By organic, we mean food grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other synthetic chemicals. The growing of food organically is a little more labour intensive …

Best Ideas for Healthy Snack

It’s always good to have a healthy snack to power up your body when you are feeling weak or tired. Eating a nutritious snack can give you the energy to keep you going throughout the day and can …

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How to Start Eating Healthy

If you are reading this article, chances are you need some tips on how to start eating healthy. It’s no secret that Americans are getting dumber. We are getting slimmer and slimmer. Here are some tips to keep …

How Do I Eat Shabu Shabu

How Do I Eat Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese meal and consists of sliced thin pieces of vegetables and meat. You usually boil them in water and then serve it with dipping sauces. The sound produced when cooking the food is what …

What Should I Eat For A Healthy Dinner

What Should I Eat For A Healthy Dinner

We all know we should eat a healthy meal. There is much reason why we end up not taking healthy meals. The following are some of the reasons: No time to prepare and eat a healthy dinner. Modern …

What Coffee Mug Keeps Coffee The Hottest?

What Coffee Mug Keeps Coffee The Hottest?

There are many different mugs in the market, thus choosing the best can be a challenge. In terms of these two qualities, the ideal coffee mug is The Tonic vacuum insulated travel mug. This mug comes with a vacuum- insulation technology meaning that the layers prevent air from being emitted, keeping coffee hot for up to 12 hours.


Does Aloe Actually Work

Aloe Vera is a tropical, medicinal herb that has been used for decades. Its effectiveness in soothing burns and treating skin conditions has seen it being referred to as the ‘burn plant’. This herb is said to have …