The Difference Between Sparkling Wine And Champagne


If many people where asked, wine is one of the best inventions man ever invented. The sweetness and class that comes with it have prompted the wide use of various brands of wine. Champagnes are an excellent example of wines used in events such as weddings.

However, remember that not every bubbly wine is Champagne. There is a difference between champagne and sparkling wine. They both possess a similar trademark of popping and a very refreshing effervescence but are different in the following ways;

1. The real champagne comes from France.


Amazingly, champagne is a wine named after the place where it is grown in France. It is in Champagne, France that this classy wine is grown, fermented and eventually bottled. In the 400 A.D, the vineyards were cultivated by the Roman, but today grape farmers have invested in approximately 76,000 acres of land.

2.Champagne’s flavor profile.

Champagne also receives its unique name from the grapes that are used to produce the wine. The grapes are grown on mineral-rich soil and mild climate. The flavor of the grapes is exceptionally unique. Among the many grape varieties, only a few qualify to manufacture the champagne. These grapes include;

-Pinot Gris.
-Petit Meslier.
-Pinot Noir.
-Pinot Blanc.
-Pinot Meunier.

Their aroma, body, fruitiness,freshness, complexity, and delicacy of the grapes makes them most preferred.

3.Winemaking practices.

Through the Methode Champenoise the method of making champagne, the grape juice is first fermented into alcohol. It is then bottled so as to trap CO2 gas that makes the champagne bubble.

For the sparkling wine, the winemaker must add yeast & yeast nutrients and sugar. Then allow carbonation in individual bottles then finally remove the dead yeast cells. This makes the process labor-intensive.

Some sparkling wine varieties are; Sekt, Cava, American sparkling wine, French sparkling wine, and Prosecco. In short,sparkling wine is produced in different countries.


When trying to differentiate between the champagne and sparkling wine, the best factor to consider is the region of production. The price may not be reliable although champagnes are generally cheaper than sparkling wine. This is supported by the fact that sparkling wines are not champagnes, but all champagnes are sparkling wines.