What Coffee Mug Keeps Coffee The Hottest?

What Coffee Mug Keeps Coffee The Hottest?

Choosing the best coffee mug is a sure way to enjoy your coffee while on the move. With a good mug, your coffee can stay hot for over 12 hours. These are some tips for picking the best coffee mug to keep coffee warm.

• Choose steel; steel has better induction that plastic. Also, plastic absorbs the small of the liquid, changing your coffee taste.

• Easy of Portability, choose a mug that can fit comfortably in your travel bag since you will be carrying coffee while traveling.

• Slid, ensure the slid has an automatic locking system.

• Size, go for a smaller size as this improves the portability.

What is the best coffee mug for hot coffee?


While choosing a coffee mug that can keep coffee hot for long, there are two things that one should look out for:

• Vacuum-insulation technology

• Lid with automatic-locking system

There are many different mugs in the market, thus choosing the best can be a challenge. In terms of these two qualities, the ideal coffee mug is The Tonic vacuum insulated travel mug.

This mug comes with a vacuum- insulation technology meaning that the layers prevent air from being emitted, keeping coffee hot for up to 12 hours.

Induction is the primary cause of loss of heat in any coffee mug. The installation refers to a scientific process where heat is transferred from high concentration to lower concentration. Due to the vacuum layer, the air is trapped between the layers, thus impairing the induction process.

Tonic vacuum travel mug

The tonic vacuum has an automatic locking system. This ensures that the lid locks automatically after every sip, keeping the coffee hot. This feature is essential, especially if you love taking a coffee while driving. Also, the automatic lid prevents the coffee from spilling or leaking. Leaking can be disastrous, especially if you love taking your coffee while working in the office.


Also, the Tonic vacuum travel mug has a non-stick surface. The non-stick coating ensures there are no stains on the inside of the cup.

The mug has a sleek small design making it highly portable. If you love traveling and want to enjoy hot coffee, then this is the ideal option for you.